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Men's Fashion 2023/2024: Return to Classic with "Megahend"

Fashion, as we know, is cyclical, and in the upcoming season of 2023/2024, men's clothing once again turns to the style of the 80s-90s. In this era of fashion filled with nostalgic images and iconic figures, style icons like Michael Jackson, Jon Bon Jovi, and others take center stage. The "Megahend" company invites you to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of stylish trends of this period, integrating them into your wardrobe using the following tips.

1. Irish Sweater: Knitted Comfort

The Irish sweater in a "weave" pattern becomes an integral part of men's fashion in 2024. The optimal choice is an oversized sweater that can be worn either on bare skin or over a denim shirt, creating a unique look.

2. Gray Sweatshirt: Cult Classic of the 80s

Gray sweatshirts with or without a hood have become a cult item in men's fashion of the 80s. Combine them with a denim jacket, checkered blazer, or wool duffel coat.

Don't forget about a white T-shirt peeking out from the collar of the sweatshirt to create a stylish contrast.

3. Knitted Turtleneck: Coarse Knitting and Masculinity

A turtleneck sweater with coarse knitting and a high zipper adds a touch of masculinity to the look. Wear it as a classic turtleneck or unzipped, paired with a wool pea coat or a checkered shirt for a stylish effect.

4. Denim: Eternal Classic of the 80s

Denim remains the main material in men's fashion.

Experiment with outfits, combining light blue jeans with an Irish sweater, checkered shirt, or tweed blazer. Denim can be worn from head to toe, creating a stylish "Total Look."

5. Alaska Jacket: Warmth and Romance of the 80s

The Alaska jacket, whether solid or checkered, became an essential item in men's wardrobes in the 80s. Wear it over a denim shirt or turtleneck, creating warm and romantic looks.

6. Layering: Mixing Styles

Stylish layering, characteristic of men's fashion in the 80s, is making a comeback. Experiment with combinations of a tweed jacket, sweater, and striped shirt or create layered looks with a black coat, sweater, and white T-shirt peeking out.


Men's fashion 2023/2024 from "Megahend" invites you to revisit the style of the 80s-90s, adding classic and nostalgic elements to your wardrobe. Use these tips to create unique looks, combining style and comfort, reviving the best traditions of past decades.