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fabric/piece (cotton)

Fabric/piece - used cotton fabric, used as cleaning materialFrom the concrete surface to technical oils, paints and liquidsTo remove. Also used for other technological operations.

The amount of the minimum batch of textiles - 10 kg.

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As bitumen for fabrics
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Wholesale sales

Megahand is a second-hand clothing wholesaler from Europe. We Offering a wide selection of clothing brands and styles at affordable pricesIn prices. When selling items wholesale, clothes are delivered in bags, Which makes it easier to transport and store.

We guarantee the quality of the products and their proper storage. All The item is carefully inspected in the warehouse before being placed on the shelves. Megahand gives Enables companies to buy high-quality fashion clothing as bitumenAt very attractive prices.

Megahand is a chain of second-hand clothing stores where you can buy Different styles of clothes, shoes and textiles

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